Desire – 5 tips that can bring it back!

In our previous post, we have already looked at the decreased libido issue and also gave some tips to solve it. But what can help bring desire back? 

Now we explain the 5 most important solutions! 

1. Distrust in a relationship kills desire 

If trust is lost in a relationship, our libido may decrease. Consciously or subconsciously. If our partner cheated on and decided to stay together anyway, then let’s really work on the relationship. If we are the fraudulent party, give us time to process the other. Let’s do it firmly to regain his confidence and thus his partner’s libido as well. 

Tip: Openness, honesty, conversation. These can help build trust gradually. And this can restore libido, desire as well. 

2. Instead of stress – relaxation to increase libido 

Stress is sure to prevent sexual desire! Keep in mind that regular anxiety also hinders restful sleep or concentration. This is how stress kills libido. 

Tip: Take time for yourself and your partner. You need to relax alone and in pairs. A shared hot bath, shared cooking, dinner, wellness, double massage, etc. Be sure to do things that are recreation for both of them! 


3. Fatigue, exhaustion 

These two can also kill sexual desire. In today’s rushed world, a good night’s sleep is often more appealing than sex. What is real: getting enough sleep is very important. BUT we don’t just use the bedroom for that! 

Tip: Try to make sure you go to bed early at least twice a week without a phone, laptop, and other technology. Also, keep the TV in another room. The bedroom should be a room for rest and relaxation. Arrange accordingly: be a friendly, inviting place, with warm colors, soft textiles, pillows. 

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4. Healthy lifestyle – natural increase in libido 

Regular movement 

Several studies point out that couples who exercise regularly are less likely to struggle with a lack of desire, libido. Regular exercise stimulates blood flow, and endorphin production also improves our mood. After exercise, a person’s testosterone levels increase, and our sex drive also increases.

Tip: Regular exercise increases libido, plus a strenuous program. Walking or running together in the woods or a park doesn’t require a lot of investment, but it can give you plenty of energy in every area. 

Proper eating 

Food that is poor in nutrients can also be affected by our sex lives. Vitamins and antioxidants stimulate blood flow to the genitals and also help prevent many chronic diseases. 


Tip: Consciously eat more vegetables and fruits daily. This will increase both your energy level and your libido. 

5. Deep air, inhalation – increase libido and desire with scents 

Scents have a magical effect. Some fragrances are especially appealing to women and men. It is said that often the fresh smell of sweat also increases sexual desire. Also, the scent of flowers, the scent of various tubers, roots, wild plants, oils can also stimulate libido. 

However, it is worthwhile to the first experience which scent is attractive to our partner or us, as it can be individual. 

And finally, a decrease or loss of libido usually depends on a small thing. This can be solved in most cases. But for that, both sides need to work together on this. It’s worth it. Because good sex has many positive effects!