8 sex tips from women, which are useful if you know them

First-hand tips and information on what makes women get started and everything will work smoothly with her in bed. Because obviously, you need to be good too!

Women’s bits of advice and tips which are useful for you to accept them.

1. tip: ask

Find out what the things which she doesn’t like in the bed. And then be careful, do not to do these! It is at least as necessary as pleasing her erogenous zones. But ask about her fantasies too. Because maybe she also fantasizes about women! Or about to watch some hentai?

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2. tip: search for new erogenous zones

The lower part of her spine is a sensitive area, as is the area around her pussy. Gently caress and kiss. Believe me it will be good for her and you too.


3. tip: mind your kiss

The kiss is good because, on the one hand, you can easily know whether does she want to have sex at all. On the other hand, you can even know that does she want sex hard or rather passionately.


4. tip: read from nonverbal sings

During foreplay, please pay attention to her that what sounds she makes. When you know her better, the sex will be easier and better you and her too.

5. tip: do not stop

Of course, only if it’s good for her! What is unthinkable for men, it is very real for women: women are able to lose the orgasm. Here can you read about an interesting research!

6. tip: slowly

If it takes a long time for her to get an orgasm, don’t speed up, slow down and be gentler. Related article here!

7. tip: stop for a moment

If you first reach the point from which there is no going back, take a moment to pause before orgasm, you will last much longer.

8. tip: kiss her when you leave

Kiss her even if you leave her and meet her, and every time.

Of course we have good tips for him and for his penis too!