The positive effects of good sex

Most people deal with partner-finding, the idea of ​​sex, and sexuality. Many studies and researches address the effect of sex. 

Does quality or quantity matter? This issue cannot be ignored in the case of intimate relationships. Regular and harmonious coexistence and sex has many positive mental and physical effects. Here are the 6 most common! 

1. Stronger immune system – the healthiest effect of sex

Regular sex also has an immune-boosting effect. This is the key to the body’s resilience. Moreover, it stimulates brain function! 

2. Positive self-image – the most characteristic effect of sex 

Balanced, regular sex improves gender self-esteem, positive self-image, and increases self-confidence. It’s the feeling of “I’m in love, and I am loved too.” As a result, the positive self-image is strengthened. Plus a sense of confidence and invulnerability. 

3. Positive attitude 

Not just in general, but individually. For example, attitudes towards life, people, and everyday problems to be solved. During sex, the body release dopamine and serotonin. And these stimulate brain function. Good sex triggers a state of euphoria, which in turn increases the feeling of happiness. So your general well-being improves. 

4. Better stress management ability – the most beneficial effect 

As a result, stress management skills will also be better. Because often the problem itself is not the cause of the problem. But the stress with which we react to it. Endorphin released at the moment of orgasm reduces tension in the nerves and muscles. The positive effects of regular sex are also balanced spiritual, emotional harmony. And a positive vision of course! 

5. Decreased sleep disturbance 

Another positive effect of regular sex is that they help you sleep better. This effect is significant. Because, unfortunately, sleep disorder and insomnia are a problem affecting an increasing part of society. And sex can be a cure for this problem too – at least one of them. 

6. Happy, harmonious coexistence 

What is good is good and never enough of it, this is the point and useless to explain further! 

Good tips for women and from women for good sex! And we have also tips for guys erection too.