Tips and tricks: 5 hot sex tips from professionals for women

Women often don’t understand why men love porn. Well, learn the tricks that most men love. You just need a little entrepreneurial spirit! Here are the tips!

1. tip: show enthusiasm!

Sex is about mutual pleasure. So enjoy what you do! Also show how excited you are from your partner. But you don’t have to exaggerate and scream like porn stars. It’s not good to be unreliable.

However, if you are brave and unscrupulous, your partner can see and fell, that you are enjoying sex. Take the initiative more often! By doing so, you express that you love sex and you want your partner. Wake him up in the morning with a massage, send him erotic messages during the day! In bed, look deep into his eyes and whisper in his ear how much you crave for him and for sex.

2. tip: hear your voice!

Dare to let out your voice and hear the voices of joy! However, don’t strain, just moan the way you like it! This will make the sex really natural. Feel free to let your partner know what you want! Don’t be afraid that he will find your imagination dirty! Most men appreciate this and get completely horny from it.


3. tip: surprise him!

Porn stars use a variety of tools. Get started too! Go step by step so you have time to make friends with new ideas and tips! For starters, it’s best to have a scarf that you can use to tie your partner’s eyes. If you turn off one of your senses, the others will sense the pampering more.

Guys find it extremely exciting when they get caught in the arms of a woman in bed. You can also tie your hands together, only to increase the excitement. If you don’t mind, buy a vibrator! If you don’t neglect your partners penis because of it, he won’t even think of being jealous of it. He will see the common toy in it. It is also an exciting sight to pamper yourself with it. But you can also take pleasure in entrusting your boyfriend with your control.


4. tip: be confident!

Have you ever seen a shy porn star? It’s unlikely, because showing off their bodies is one of their tasks. This will turn on every guy. Believe me, guys don’t care that your figure isn’t perfect. Or that you have a little more excess than you want. Men look at the overall effect! And if you don’t draw your attention to your mistakes, he might not even notice. He will see a sexy, confident girl in front of you, who he wants to conquer. Walk around naked in front of him! Arrange a little striptease! If this is weird, practice in front of the mirror beforehand. Your partner will probably appreciate the new ideas and tips!

5. tip: pleasing yourself!

It is an extremely erotic sight when a woman pleasing herself. Masturbate in front of your boyfriend! Caress your pussy and play with yourself with your fingers! In the meantime, let you see how much you enjoy it! Caress your breasts, your butt! Take one of your fingers in your mouth and treat him as if you were dealing with his boyfriend’s penis. Involve your sweetheart in the game pretty slowly, step by step. First he can just look, then he can take the caress, then take his fingers in your mouth too!