4 tips if your guy(‘s) erection is no longer the same

Longer erection? Sounds good, but how? The stiff penis is one of the most spectacular and defining symbols of masculinity. That’s why a lot of men feel bad when they don’t have the tool and therefore find their partner in a flaccid state. And this is also unpleasant for women because they almost immediately think it’s because of them. However, there may be several possibilities behind the problem.

Many people may also encounter the phenomenon when their partner is still waiting for them to fight at the beginning of making love, but after a while, they may find ourselves facing a sagging penis.

Here are some tips to make your penis hard again!

1. Too much masturbation

Many believe that masturbating too often can cause similar problems. And this can go hand in hand with the fact that most people tend to be wrong about sexuality while watching porn – and the porn actors themselves agree. Therefore, from time to time, it’s worth putting porn and masturbation aside a bit and preferring to direct sexual energies on top of each other. If you want to watch a porn movie, you better do it together!

2. Intimate gymnastics – maybe the best for longer erection!

Exercises that have a positive effect on the penis exist not only for women but also for men. They increase erections and also provide better blood circulation to the prostate.


3. Fantasy!

Maybe chewed bone, but it can help a lot if you try new things with your partner, whether it’s sex toys, other poses, and locations, fantasies. And best of all: watching porn movies together! Make it more exciting. No guy wouldn’t start from that!


What do women want? Read about their fantasies!

4. And if nothing else helps for longer erection…

In the last case, even a variety of medications can help, as well as mental safety. Reassure me that this will not bother you, and you will resolve it. It is not a good idea to see a doctor at all, as there may be a more severe problem in the background.