Fake orgasm by men

Now seriously, is there really such a fake orgasm in men? Because of the clear signs, we can even think that men can’t also play. But this is not the case. Because if they have to, they are trickier than women! And why don’t they take on this? 

Here are 4 examples! 

The big classic – sex with your ex 

“I was with my girlfriend for 10 years. I’m an honest type, and I was faced with a decision: engagement or breaking up. I chose the second one. I felt it honest decision. She collapsed, but she accepted it. After half a year, she called and asked me to go over to her. I heard that she was upset and sad. She said that she was unable to move forward, but it would help if I could hug her one last time. I can’t tell you how bad I felt. I finally did it. But the orgasm did not go at all. I thought this woman had been by my side for 10 years, I can’t humiliate her, so I played the orgasm. Then and there, it was the right decision.” (32 years old male) 


The counterexample is the very beginning of the relationship 

“I’ve been in love with a girl for years. I feel like heaven when we started dating in college. I had imagined the first time a thousand times, and it was perfect in my head. In reality, though, I was so excited that at the beginning, I was not able to the erection. After I had a hard time solving it, she was waiting for it to end. I don’t think she noticed anything about it. We have been together ever since, and that has never happened again!” (A man in his mid-20s) 


 The unexpected effect of the closure 

“At the start of the forced home office, we were both happy. Because we could have sex every day at work. After a while we got used to it, the rhythm set in, and for me, everything was back to normal. But not with my girlfriend! She initiates quick sex many times.  And if I said no, she already buried the relationship. So it was easier to go in. So sometimes one or two fake orgasms slipped in. But that was not the case.” (30 years old male) 


“The relationship was flat, but my conscience was broken.” 

Unfortunately, we were also hit by the “big problem.” That is, the relationship flattened. Sex was every three months, but routine dominated there as well. I knew precisely for a minute when the orgasm was coming. My affair with my mistress was a complete refreshment. It brought something new to my life. However, I had a huge sense of guilt after that. That’s why I was utterly failed with my partner during sex. In the beginning, I referred to fatigue. Later, I chose a fake orgasm so that my wife would have no idea. I still have my affair, but I don’t pretend anything there.” (Man in his early 20s) 

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