10 sexual fantasies of woman

Sexual fantasies are an essential and healthy part of our sexuality. Even if, in some cases, they choose strange, rude, taboo, or behaviors that are not accepted by society. Believe fantasy and reality are two separate things: from something exciting at the level of fantasy, we may not want to realize it.

Here are the top ten female fantasies that come up, and the question is whether these suggestions are really that exciting.

1. Hard sex

Both men and women often fantasize about subjugation and dominance. For example, 65 percent of women would enjoy a man treating her more harshly, such as grabbing her hair during sex.

2. Woman with woman – it’s quite popular among sexual fantasies

Thoughts from both sexes include the case of “plus one woman”. More than half of women have ever imagined that another woman is involved in sex. We can try watching lesbian scenes with our couple, but if we were to try the sweet threesome, in reality, we would definitely have to talk about the boundaries.


3. “Please kiss more!”

According to a survey, 63 percent of women want more kisses from their mate, and especially their linguistic form. There seems to be no harm in a long, 2-minute, intense kiss before we “get to the point.” Kiss also increases testosterone levels, energy, and libido.


4. Stranger men

Many women have a foreign man in their imagination, and that’s completely normal, not to mention that they can help a lot to get to orgasm. And it should be reassuring for the men that they are with that particular lady!

5. Play more alone

A surprisingly large number of women have sex toys, but 23 percent prefer to use them alone and hide them from their partners. Yet guys love to watch a woman pamper herself! However, it’s worth checking out a page full of sex toys together – it can lead to very exciting lovemaking.

6. Played orgasm

Who would have thought about how many women are playing! Four out of ten women – officially. It’s worth treating in place if the man encourages his partner and tries to please him instead of offending. The “what should I do?” is often a good question, and such a conversation can lead to a “demonstration” porn movie and a wild bed scene!


7. Wild sexual fantasies

Many women claim to be interested in crazy, wild things, positions, and even laugh-provoking ideas. If you share this with your partner and agree on one of them, you might want to try it together!

8. A woman may also want sex more often

Seven out of ten women say they crave sex more often, plus one that is different from routine. Many women want their partners to seduce and excite them. Romantic text and dirty speech also work, depending on the type of lady. Such a “foreplay” can even last all day!

9. “Beautiful stranger.”

Many people fantasize about getting involved in an unbridled sex adventure with someone unknown to them. The exciting thing about these is that there are no rules because they will never meet again, and they know nothing about each other, whatever it may be like in bed, something they can try that would not fit in a civilian.

10. Public sex – pretty wild between the sexual fantasies

It is exciting for many to watch them during sex. And that doesn’t just mean voyeurism! Many people imagine being naked and having sex in a public place because it has a liberating and electrifying effect on them. It’s like they’re in a porn movie, and that’s exciting for many.

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