Morning sex – 5 serious reasons for it

1. As if you would have been replaced 

Orgasm releases a bunch of different hormones. One of the most important of these is dopamine. This will make you much more productive and make decisions easier. So after quick sex in the morning, don’t be surprised if you’re full of energy!

2. You don’t need a doctor 

Do you often have a headache during the day? Morning sex can also help with this: orgasm is known to be an excellent painkiller so that it will relieve sore body parts. Plus, morning sex even strengthens the immune system because it increases the number of antibodies in your body that protect you from infections. 

no headache

3. Logical step 

You may have some sex in the evening so far, but that’s not how the body is made up! Very interesting, but the testosterone level responsible for libido is highest at the point of awakening. So it makes total sense to take advantage of the situation every morning, right? 

4. In bed, among pillows 

If you don’t want to get out of your bed, and would you rather laze a little more? The morning sex doesn’t have to be super energetic. Feel free to choose a slower pace. Sometimes it could be more intimate! Plus, you could even watch some good porn together – you need to add this to the sex bucket list. This is what more people recommend anyway! And after the action, you can also take a little nap back… 

5. Marathon procession 

Did you know that on average people fucking max seven minutes? Morning sex can change that too. In the morning, men also have higher testosterone levels. Added to this is the fact that in a proper case, a man has rested himself, so he has more energy, which goes straight to the point that it will last much longer in bed. 

And don’t forget the most important thing: the good sex has many positive effects! Whether in the morning or evening, all that matters is that you do it!