5 + 1 things you should do in sex…

In a long-term relationship, after a while, sex becomes a habit. Neither party wants or dares to try anything new or exciting. This situation can lead quickly to a breakup. If a relationship becomes too predictable and familiar, it can easily turn into boredom. Or, in some cases, to cheating.

So it’s also worth focusing on maintaining the fire. It’s not that hard, and you have to add a few sexy things to your boot list!

Long live the teenage years!

It’s worth a little smuggling the teenage years back into your life. This will make your sex life incredible! For example, send sexy messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend! Try to hide somewhere, where you’ve never been before: in the back seat of a car, at a party, or in the shower. Enjoy being young!

“Hot” phonecall

Do you think that telephone sex is entirely unnecessary in a long-term relationship? Such a little thing can scorch the atmosphere incredibly! If you are away from another, you can safely retreat for a few minutes to start a “dirty” conversation!

Phone and sex

Sexy video chat

If the phone sex is already going well, go level up! Are you far apart? That’s not a problem either. Move around, like in a separate room, and have virtual sex with your partner. You will be surprised. But it is also certain that he will only hurry to you even more!


Okay, the trio is a pretty brave step, but if you’re committed and your relationship is really solid, you can smoothly try what it’s like to be joined by a third party.

sex between 3 people, the threesome!
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Watching a movie is a little different

If a couple is in a really close relationship with each other, they can be quite open with each other. Watching porn together can incredibly throw things up in the bedroom. Plus, your partner will faint at what a good-natured partner they have, plus they could even learn some new pose!

+1 The swingers club

Attention! Classic swinging is only for open and emotionally mature people. The main motivation here is to electrify or strengthen the relationship. This is because couples do not go “wrong” alone, but enjoy the experiences of sexual diversity together. Joint swinging does not count as cheating, as the couples do what they do out of their common will. But it’s worth discussing everything before you get into it!

sex and social life, this is swingers club
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In the U.S., some experts estimate the numbers of swingers at 15 million. 60% of those surveyed say their relationship has improved since they went to a swingers club. Only 1.7% indicated a deterioration in the relationship.

Jealousy is also treated differently. 70% of participants say there is no jealousy problem. 25% felt that it was “somewhat” a problem for him (or her) to see his(her) partner with strangers, and only 5% made it clear that (s)he felt a strong sense of jealousy when swinging.

Swinger-rules here! But its important to read this too!