Micropenis and sex

Micropenis, when the size of the penis in the erect state is max. 7 cm or less. Indeed many have heard of it. But maybe a few met with it. The question is, how is the sex if the guy has a micropenis? 

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Here are some specific stories from the ladies! 

Those wonderful fingers…. 

Isabelle (31) “For me, we had sex from long friendship under the influence of alcohol. But when I saw that his cock was the size of my thumb, I was frightened for a moment. However, he had very long fingers and used them professionally. I also had three orgasms before the penetration, so it wasn’t that important anymore. It was a fantastic evening, but after the adventure, our friendship ended.” 

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Only for the guy was good…. 

Katja (34) says, “I really liked a guy. It was mutual, so we started dating. Once, we were together in my place. I took control and grab into his pants. But I was surprised. I just didn’t understand where his cock? Then the guy started moaning. I was very shocked when I realized that the tiny little “bunch” was his cock. It wasn’t sex in the traditional sense, but he really enjoyed the way I pampered his cock with my thumb and forefinger. For me, of course, the night did not bring satisfaction, we did not even keep in touch at all” 

Long sex…. 

Anna (23) “I didn’t know about the existence of micropenis syndrome. Then I fell in love. The guy told me before sex and reassured me that I would have an orgasm during sex. That’s right, and the sex lasted for hours each time. Because he was very creative and satisfied me in countless ways. So the micropenis was Ok for me! 

The best anal sex of my life! 

Elsa (28) “I had a fantastic experience during high school. The chemistry between a guy and me was very strong.

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When he said he had a micropenis, I didn’t care at all. Instead, we tried anal sex. It was fantastic, and it didn’t hurt at all. I loved it every time. And the sex was smooth, very gentle, and romantic. So micropenis can be good too! 

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