Desire and epidemic

Nowadys, everybody talks and writes a lot about how the epidemic situation and quarantine has affected and is affecting sexuality and desire. Some people say that stress and anxiety dampen desire; however, others say the opposite.  They both are right. The same situation increases sexual desire in some people while it decreases it in others.

One interesting theory about desire and epidemic

When we face death, our attitudes and behaviors to life change. Maybe the end has never been so close to us as it is now. All of humanity is confronted with the fact that death does not pick. And not only the older people are threatened by the coronavirus, but all of us. There is news every day about how many new infections, how many people have recovered, and how many people died in the epidemic. Naturally, everyone has developed anxiety about death. However, to varying degrees!

Research shows that the idea of the inevitability of death in many cases increases sexual desire. You can feel so much that we are alive during sex! This theory is especially true for those who have a positive attitude towards their bodies.

So our relationship to our body and sex determines whether we rely on sex to reduce anxiety. This theory explains why some people have become more sexually active in the current situation, in epidemic. And that also explains why many have the opposite. They are the ones who don’t use desire and sex to relieve their anxiety.

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Another theory

We have to imagine that all of our sexual desires have an accelerator and a brake pedal. There are people whose feet are always a bit on the gas. Others are more likely to break when it comes to desire and sex, so it is harder for them to wake up to sexual desire.

For those in whom desire is hard to show and still quickly evaporates, this is the current situation, this epidemic to apply the parking brake. Everything is stressful and full of anxiety. Therefore, these people think that it is almost impossible to create the atmosphere necessary for romantic togetherness. Others are affected by the epidemic: fear and anxiety increase their sexual desire. Strong emotions have a positive effect on their desire and sexuality. They are the ones who also swear by conciliatory sex. At that time, the fierce passions and energies of the quarrel are still in the air. Therefore, for those who are prone to this, the current situation, the epidemic, is more likely to excite their sexual desires.

But either way, it’s essential to recognize that neither reaction is better or worse than the other! And it is only natural that the epidemic may cause us to experience emotions that we have not experienced at all before.


In closing, a little literature, Boccaccio: Dekameron. In this short story collection, at the time of the plague of 1348, in the Middle Ages, seven young ladies and three young men decide to flee the disease and death to a provincial mansion. There, they will tell exciting stories to each other for fun every day. They said ten stories a day for ten days long. These stories are mostly about love, sex, and erotica in the shadow of death in the name of affirmation of life!