5 popular summer sex venues

Summer is here and people are pouring out into the open. It is all the more true now that most countries in the world have relaxed the austerity measures for the coronavirus and everyone is much more eager for locations outside their homes. The couples love to look for summer sex venues!

Forest – the first sex venue

One of the most popular summer sex venues, and not primarily at night! It is better to look for a secluded place during the day and the search can even be seen as a prelude. What’s practical to add is practical attire and a larger blanket. Mosquito and beetle repellent sprays and ointments are not necessarily cravings enhancers, but a scented candle will do that that alarms beetles. It can be quite cozy during the day. And of course you have to examine each other’s bodies from head to toe at home because of the ticks!



It is the second of the summer sex venues! It’s also romantic, mixed with a good deal of excitement: we never know if we’re alone on the seemingly deserted stretch of beach. Night bathing definitely acts as a kind of aphrodisiac, but there are a few things to look out for. If the beach is sandy, you should be careful not to get sand in the intimate places, and for girls the salt water can be uncomfortable. It is a matter of organization and it will definitely be a lasting experience!

Tent – the third of the summer sex venues

Although we still have to wait for the summer events now, it’s no secret that everyone is having sex there, and the tents – by default – touch each other and so it’s even more exciting! And under the influence of a certain amount of alcohol, we can find ourselves in a tent with someone we don’t have much in common with, and that’s why most of us certainly have a sex story with a not-so-salon-like festival tent. However, a little sex between the two concerts can also be good for serious relationships – even in a rental tent!


Train – really exciting summer sex venue

As surprising as it may be, the favorite spot is the sleeping cabin of the train, even if it has something like that on it. Really glazed lists can also catch an empty booth and have sex to their liking behind a closed cab door and retracted curtains on a stuffy night. Good luck to the brave – just don’t let them down!


Hotel Room

And if you don’t have time and / or too much money for a complete vacation, but you want to break out of everyday life, the best – and most exciting solution – is to take out a hotel room somewhere near your place of residence and arrange a date with your partner. The best is a place you don’t go to by default. Have a good dinner at the hotel restaurant and then head to the room where they could fall for each other. In most hotels, you only have to leave the field until noon the next day, so you also have time for a nice bed for breakfast and a breakfast ride. And in a hotel room you can watch a good porn movie together. And if you haven’t done so yet, add it to the sex bucket list!