3 zodiac signs who think that the less sex is more

3 zodiac signs who think that the less sex is more .Which zodiac does characterize for little sex? Let’s look at them! 


The natives of Cancer are extraordinarily emotional and sensitive people. That’s why they don’t like overnight adventures. For them, it is emotionally exhausting. They are looking for real intimacy, intimacy.


They are moved by love and affection. For them, belonging together, family means more than anything. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can never take them to bed, but if you do, they’ll have less sex too. 


Pisces are real dreamers. They often value huddling on the couch and hugging each other and cozy conversation more than passionate lovemaking. For them, this is usually enough, because they can also enjoy the closeness of their partner. As long as Pisces is in love, they are also much more fierce.


In this case, you will let your partner know if you want to have sex. Later, however, they calm down, the quality of time spent together becomes more important to them than bodily pleasures. Little sex often doesn’t even show up for them! 


Capricorn is very rational and very serious. Real hidden ticket. That is why it is difficult to warm their heart. However, if someone succeeds, they can find an exciting lover in them.  But not forever!


Over time, Capricorn retreats again, hides, and no more extended demands so much the company of their love. And of course, the little sex is enough for them. Because they are more immersed in their thoughts and readings, if you have a couple who is Capricorn, you can get the attention again by wondering what’s going on in his/her soul. This attention gives you a chance to reinflame the fire.  

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