Best sexual tools – the 3 best that are at the top

Which tree are the best sexual tools? A journalist has been writing about sex for 19 years. He has been testing sex toys for 21 years. He and his partners have already tried different tools. And now he has revealed which of the three tools are worth spending money on.

To stimulate the vagina

This stainless steel sex tool is designed to excite the inside wall of the sleeve by inserting one end while gently moving the other end. This sextoy is said to easily induce female ejaculation.


Wearable toy – EVA II

Thanks to its small clasps (EVA II). Because this toy invites its owner to an exciting toy. But it is also suitable for inducing clitoral orgasm in women, helping those who are unable to vaginal orgasm but enjoy sex. Waterproof, rechargeable and extremely discreet.


Magic wand – maybe the most exciting of the best sexual tools

This device delivers what it promises: a sure orgasm for even those unable to reach the top before. Above all research has also shown that the toy’s effectiveness has been tested by 500 women unable to orgasm, 93 percent of whom have been able to cope with it.


For example porn stars also recommend you to try some sex tools!