What is your ideal penis size? We help to answer!

The ideal penis size. Difficult topic!

Now you get the answer to your question: Is it really the size that matters?

Universities in New Mexico and California have decided to finally answer the big question and find out that women really the size that matter (wrote Cosmopolitan).

The study used 3D-printed erectile penises to determine women’s needs. The study included 75 women from the age of 18 up to 65 years. They were all Californians, everyone had sex and were in a relationship at the time of the research.


The ladies looked at 33 different penis models. They were cylindrical with a small dome on their top to resemble a real penis. Models range in length from 10 to 20.5 centimeters and range in size from 6 cm to almost 18 cm. Women had to determine which type of penis they would enjoy in a long-term relationship and which type of penis to have overnight adventure.
The women in the study, in a long relationship, determined the optimum size at 16 cm and 12.2 centimeters, while in a one-night adventure they imagine a slightly larger penis: 16.25 cm long and 12.7 cm thick.

And what is YOUR ideal penis size? Do you really know?

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