Happy Birthday Stoya

Early life

Stoya is from a Scottish father and a Serbian mother and born on June 15, 1986. As a child, she wanted to be a dancer and attended dance classes from the age of three. She was a private student and graduated at the age of sixteen. Her father is an IT expert. That’s is why she loves technical things. Her mother taught her to read, and her father taught him DOS.

After moving to Philadelphia, she had several jobs such as secretary, flyer distributor, and go-go dancer. She is also appearing in several videos.

In the fall of 2009, she moved to Los Angeles.


The beginnings

Stoya initially posed in adult images for a friend, which led to modeling and this to alternative, erotic websites. Her porn name is an abbreviated version of her last name. She trademarked the name in 2009.

Stoya was presented to the Razordolls in two DVD productions and also produced a non-sexual cameo performance. After then she contacted Digital Playground with a suggestion to perform in a hardcore lesbian scene with Sophia Santi.

The scene in question was never completed. In August 2007, she met with several Digital Playground representatives. She was asked if she wanted to star in porn movies with men and said yes.

Real career

In October 2007, Digital Playground signed an exclusive three-year contract with her. Stoya became the company’s first contracted alternative porn star.


The first scene she made for Stoya Video Nasty (advertised as a DVD as the first movie to feature a hetero scene). But her first film was Jack’s POV 9,

In 2009, she starred in the first mainstream film as Kamikazi Shegun 5000 (“Coat of Arms of Pain”).

Stoya had an exclusive contract with Digital Playground. But director John Stagliano casted her in 2013 for the Voracious film series.

From 2014, Stoya left Digital Playground and began to focus on her directing career. Soon after, she founded and directed her first film in February 2014.

On March 4, 2014, Stoya and Kayden Kross created the TRENCHCOAT x porn site. Besides, Stoya has starred in films and directed some of them.


In 2016, she starred in the Dagger Kiss mainstream lesbian fantasy series.

In 2018, Stoya launched zerospaces.com with her business partner, comedian Mitcz Marzoni. Zerospaces is a sexual self-expression media project about sex and sexuality.

In February 2018 she starred in the Serbian sci-fi film AI Rising in the role of Android Android. In October 2018, Sweetheart Video released the movie “Talk Derby to Me,” which features a lesbian scene with Joanna Angel.

Private life

Stoya has always recognized the importance of social networking throughout her career. She is very active in them.

She dated Marilyn Manson for a while. They split due to Manson’s crowded tour calendar. After Manson she lived with porn star James Deen for several years. They were the dream couple of the porn world. On November 29, 2015, Stoya reported on Twitter that James Deen had raped her. Allegations of rape were denied by Deen. However, days after that, eight other women also revealed that Deen had sexually abused them. After all, San Francisco-based internet porn studio threw Deen. The Frisky website knocked down the “right neighbor guy” nimbus.

Her writings and books

She writes a regular column for Slate, the Vice President, and The Verge. She is doing a sexual counseling column for the Refinery. Stoya has published in The New York Times, New Statesman, Esquire Magazine, The Guardian, Nylon, Playboy, and XCritic.

In January 2014, they published “Feminism and the Mainstream”. She published her first book on June 25, 2018: Philosophy, Pussycats, and Porn.

Social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stoya és https://twitter.com/zerospacestweet

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stoya/

weboldal: https://zerospaces.com/

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